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Introducing MasterCaution®: A New Standard in Home Care
Cardiac Monitoring and Alerting

Hospital quality, comprehensive continuous cardiac monitoring in a comfortable garment! 

MasterCaution®* is a an accurate and comprehensive cardiac telemetry system that monitors 3-12 lead ECG signals and wider vital signs, through a ground-breaking smart sensing textile garment, hWear.  The system can alert caregivers and end-users to cardiac events such as ischemia and arrhythmias, in near real-time, locally, or via a smartphone and cloud-based physician portal, for improved safety.

How we help

MasterCaution® provides a cost-effective, remote cardiac monitoring solution for the home. The system can help enhance the level of cardiac care received, increase compliance and save caregivers time.



Current 3-5 lead ECG systems on the market cannot detect ischemia and sometimes can miss diagnosing arrhythmias. MasterCaution® is the only solution that continuously monitors 12-lead ECG signals outside the hospital setting, and has the capability to alert clinicians to these life-threatening cardiac events.


70%-90% of cardiac ischemic episodes detected by ECG are clinically silent. MasterCaution® can detect and send passive alerts based on predefined physician off-threshold situations to a smartphone or physician cloud solution. So even if the event is not felt by the end-user, we have them covered.

Fast detection and
response to crisis

MasterCaution®’s powerful on-board two-way control enables both automatic and end-user triggered self-alerts for fast detection of crisis. Physicians can quickly respond in real-time through the cloud portal to analyse trends and abnormalities, revise pre-defined physician limits for automatic alerts and schedule ECGs remotely!

Complete health

our comprehensive wider vital sign monitoring and automatic alerting to cardiac events as well as sudden patient falls, respiratory difficulties, inactivity and temperature provide in-depth remote health monitoring for improved safety.

Fast and

Current cardiac monitoring systems can be cumbersome and time-consuming to apply requiring shaving. In contrast, hWear is wireless, requires no skin preparation and enables automatic self-placement of electrodes.  This eliminates the need for medical personnel to place or operate the system saving caregivers time, and delivering simple and fast cardiac monitoring in the home.


hWear’s proprietary textile engineering enables automatic electrode placement and requires no time-consuming skin preparation, such as shaving. This eliminates the need for medical personnel to place or operate the system enabling instant monitoring and fast patient throughput.

*Not all product versions are available in all regions. To understand local availability, please consult with the HealthWatch team.

Our comfortable, wireless heart sensing garment, hWear, is the only home care solution that continuously monitors 12-lead ECG signals without interfering in everyday life.