Hospital Care


Hospital Care

Introducing MasterCaution®: A New Standard in Cardiac
Monitoring and Alerting

Hospital quality, comprehensive continuous cardiac monitoring in a comfortable garment!

MasterCaution®* is an accurate and comprehensive cardiac telemetry system that monitors 12-lead ECG signals and wider vital signs through a ground-breaking smart sensing textile garment, hWear. The medical garment can generate alerts to cardiac events such as ischemia and arrhythmias in real-time. These are forwarded to a nursing station or to an in-hospital emergency team via a smartphone or secure cloud solution, for improved patient safety.

How we help

MasterCaution® can help hospitals monitor and track high-risk, non-intensive care inpatients, perform stress tests, and facilitate medical evaluations and monitoring prior to discharge and at home. MasterCaution® provides a cost-effective and complete cardiac monitoring solution that may help improve patient safety and compliance; reduce re-admissions, hospitalization time and costs; and save you time.


Increase patient

Current hospital cardiac monitoring systems are cumbersome with many wires, often confining patients to bed or restricting movement. MasterCaution®’s comfortable, wireless heart-sensing garment, hWear, enables patients to move around freely for easy continuous 12-12-lead ECG monitoring throughout the hospital setting and beyond!

Save time
& money

hWear’s proprietary textile engineering enables automatic, uniform electrode placement and requires no time-consuming skin preparation, such as shaving. This eliminates the need for a highly skilled ECG professional to place or operate the system, and helps save valuable clinical time by allowing instant cardiac monitoring.

Detect unnoticed
pathologies sooner

MasterCaution® enables comprehensive wider vital sign monitoring and automatic alerting to sudden patient falls, respiratory difficulties, inactivity causing bedsores and temperature, as well as cardiac events. This greater patient insight can help hospitals to detect and respond to emergencies and unnoticed pathologies earlier for improved patient safety and Hospital Acquired Condition (HAC) reduction.

Reduce alert

Caregivers can be overwhelmed by too many alarms, leading to alarm fatigue in hospitals and elsewhere. MasterCaution®’s sophisticated algorithms powerfully analyze and detect cardiac events by distinguishing between noise-related artefacts and real events, to help reduce false alarms (false positives).

Discharge patients

Current 3-5 lead ECG home care systems cannot detect ischemia and sometimes can miss diagnosing arrhythmias. MasterCaution® is the only remote solution that continuously monitors 12-lead ECG signals, and can automatically alert clinicians to these cardiac events.  Meaning you can potentially release patients earlier to reduce hospital stays and associated costs.

Improve patient
confidence at home

Patients often feel “naked” from losing the feeling of hospital safety during their transition home. MasterCaution® enables the same type of monitoring in hospital and at home, helping patients feel safer during their transition home.

Reduce readmissions
due to false alarms

MasterCaution®’s on-board two-way control enables physicians to actively manage and respond to alerts remotely to help minimize false alarm impact. Physicians can quickly respond in real-time through the cloud portal to analyze trends and abnormalities, revise pre-defined physician limits for automatic alerts and schedule ECGs remotely!

* Not all product versions are available in all regions. To understand local availability, please consult with the HealthWatch team.

MasterCaution® is the only smart garment solution enabling continuous monitoring of 12-lead ECG signals that can automatically alert clinicians to both cardiac ischemia and arrythmias outside the hospital setting.