This Shirt Could Save Your Life

The EE Times recognized the importance of HealthWatch's High-Tech-xtile hWear garment in sensing 15-lead ECGs. Read the article by EE Times Technology Writer, Ariella Brown. (Also available in Chinese)


Reuters: ECG shirt warns wearer of heart problems via smartphone

(Reuters) Israeli entrepreneurs weave ECG into a stretchy shirt to monitor heart activity, warning patients and their doctors of abnormalities on their mobile devices. The shirts could also be used to monitor foetuses and their mothers during high-risk pregnancies. Amy Pollock reports.


mHealthSpot Interviews HealthWatch: The Future of mHealth Wearables

Want to know where mHealth and wearables are headed? mHealthSpot interviews the company that has produced the first ECG-sensing textile garment that is a true, clinically tested, FDA-cleared medical device.


Real-Life Science Fiction: HealthWatch t-shirts

Astonished that HealthWatch has the potential to rejuvenate the textile industry, Maayan Priluk, reporter for the late night financial TV show Laila Calcali, came to visit and wove an enthralling story.


Magic T-shirt Warns of Heart Attacks

Financial channel Globes-TV recently profiled HealthWatch Ltd. and its "magical" t-shirt in a story by Gali Weinreb.


Израильская чудо-футболка для спасения жизней

[Israeli Shirt Saves Lives] Read what the Russian press has to say about HealthWatch's new ECG-sensing textile garment. (Downloadable English translation available at end of article.)


Wall Street Daily: Could This Shirt Save Your Life?

It might not seem the case sometimes… but the world is actually getting smarter. And technology is driving the change to making our lives easier, safer, healthier, and more convenient.


The Osgood File: A T-shirt That Monitors Your Heart

Charles Osgood, host of the CBS Radio Network program The Osgood File, recently informed his 190 million weekly listeners about the virtues of HealthWatch's ECG-sensing t-shirt. Hear about it for yourselves.


Israel21c: A T-shirt That Monitors Your Heart

The hWear™ smart digital shirt with conductive fibers featured on Israel21c in an article by Abigail Klein Leichman.


Times of Israel: Israeli ECG T-shirt monitors hearts, saves lives

The Times of Israel featured hWear smart textile garments as the future of high-tech medical monitoring in this article by David Shamah


T-Shirt Sends ECG Signals To Your Smartphone

HealthWatch's ECG-sensing garment and smartphone app were featured in RF Globalnet's News section in an article by Joel Lindsay.


The Game Changer: ICU-quality ECG monitoring at home

See why HealthWatch's new ECG-sensing textile garment is vital for you enabling your physician to serve you even better.


hWear: The Making of High Tech-xtile

Watch the creation of an ECG-sensing, textile garment right before your eyes. From HealthWatch Ltd.