Introducing Master Caution

A new standard in cardiac monitoring & alerting


First medical device to continuously monitor cardiac ischemia in real-time

MasterCaution® is an FDA approved and CE cleared accurate and comprehensive mobile cardiac telemetry system.  MasterCaution® can help clinicians remotely monitor their patients, and be alerted of cardiac events such as ischemia and arrhythmias in near real-time, for improved patient safety.

Four synchronised products for improved cardiac protection

MasterCaution® incorporates a medical grade smart sensing textile garment, hWear, with a wireless cardiac monitoring device, MasterCaution® Device. The MasterCaution® Device monitors and analyses 3-12 Lead ECG signals and wider vital signs for cardiac events, and generates a local alert. The device sends automatic personalized alerts to patients and physicians via a mobile health app, MasterCaution® Mobile and cloud solution, MasterCaution® Cloud for further analysis.

HWear Digital Garment

hWear Digital Garment
Hospital quality vital sign sensing textile technology (12-lead ECG), seamlessly integrated into everyday life

Master Caution Device

MasterCaution® Device
Powerful on-board real-time analysis and detection of cardiac ischemia, arrhythmias, patient falls, lack of motion and breathing.  The device sends automatic personalized alerts to a smartphone or cloud solution.

Master Caution Mobile

MasterCaution® Mobile
Displays high quality 12-lead ECG signals, heart rate, skin temperature and respiration in real-time on a user’s smartphone.

Master Caution Cloud

MasterCaution® Cloud
Secure web portal enabling physicians to remotely monitor patient’s 3-12 lead ECGs and other vital signs in real-time anywhere.

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