Secure web portal
for real-time
remote patient monitoring

Part of the MasterCaution® cardiac telemetry system, MasterCaution® Cloud enables physicians to monitor patients’ 3-12-lead ECGs remotely, in real-time, wherever the patient or the physician may be.

Review and act on changing patient data

Our simple, secure web portal and intuitive interface, is easily set-up, accessed from any computer with internet connection, and managed.

MasterCaution® Cloud’s two-way communication of real-time data and vital signs with MasterCaution® Mobile enables physicians and other authorized users to:

  • View the status of patients to detect trends and abnormalities from the ECG analysis.
  • Receive and display alerts from patients in real-time including geographical location
  • Schedule On Demand ECGs remotely from a personal phone or terminal
  • Change patient thresholds based on changing data.

Relevant patient information is kept as long as needed.

MasterCaution® Cloud

Please note that not all product versions are available in all regions. To understand local availability, please consult with the HealthWatch team.

Remotely manage and respond to patients’ cardiac alerts in real-time.
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