MasterCaution Mobile App


Mobile Health App

High quality
mobile vital sign monitoring

Our mobile health app displays high quality 12-lead ECG signals, heart rate, skin temperature and respiration in real-time on a user’s smartphone, as it is received via Bluetooth from our MasterCaution® Device.

MasterCaution® Mobile also communicates directly with the MasterCaution® Device to transmit patient alerts in case of a physician predefined off-threshold situation and to show any system technical problems. Any relevant information is also transmitted to the secure MasterCaution® Cloud based portal.

Manage cardiac health better

  • Easily downloaded and installed

    Easily downloaded and installed

  • Friendly interface

    Friendly interface

  • High quality 12-lead ECG signals

    High quality 12-lead ECG signals

  • Wide vital sign data

    Wide vital sign data

  • Real Time

    Real Time

  • Personalized patient alerts

    Personalized patient alerts

  • FDA/CE Approved*

    FDA/CE Approved*

Please note that not all product versions are available in all regions. To understand local availability, please consult with the HealthWatch team.

*MasterCaution® Mobile is class II 510K FDA and CE approved as part of the MasterCaution® system.