World’s First Medical Grade
Smart Clothing Technology

Our patented platform technology represents a breakthrough in wearable textile and high quality vital-sign sensing technology, all integrated into simple everyday garments.


The garment IS the sensor

No skin preparation, Electrode self-placement, Machine-washable

We have developed a pure textile smart garment incorporating specialized three-dimensional (3D) dry textile electrode sensors with proprietary advanced knitting software. The 3D dry textile electrodes maintain flexibility and stability when the garment is moved, bent or machine-washed. They also eliminate the need for time-consuming skin preparation, such as shaving adhesives, by maximizing the contact area on the skin. Our advanced knitting software enables automatic self-placement of electrodes, removing the need for a medical professional, and saving valuable clinical time.

High quality and accurate vital sign monitoring

Medical grade continuous monitoring seamlessly integrated into everyday life

Our smart clothing technology enables accurate vital sign monitoring anywhere. For cardiac patients our hospital quality, continuous 12-lead ECG monitoring can see the full ECG cardiac picture in real-time outside the hospital setting.  This may enable the discovery of previously undetectable cardiac conditions such as cardiac ischemia, and more accurate monitoring of arrhythmias for improved patient safety.  All other homecare smart wearables on the market are 3-5 lead ECG’s so lack this accuracy.   Our patented platform technology can be adapted to fit wider market needs with new textile sensors (e.g. Bispectral Index (BIS), Electromyogram (EMG)) developed to extend clinical applications.

The full ECG picture


Potentially monitors previously undetectable cardiac conditions
outside the hospital:

12 lead ECG

Seamlessly integrates with everyday life:

Pure textile garment

Saves time:

No medical professional electrode placement needed

Fast and easy:

Eliminates the need for skin preparation

Wide potential applications:

Platform technology

Technology integrated into outstanding products and solutions